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Accord: Musc Parfait

L’évocation du Paradis poussée a son Daroxysme.

L’idée d’un Musc travaille, en extrait de parfum, dans sa facette la plus pure et parfaite.

Un Paradis dans lequel on aime se perdre et qui apaise I’ame, le cceur et ‘esprit.

La puissance d’un rayon de lumiere blanche qui vous guidera et vous permettra de vous accomplir, accompagneé d’un sillage sage, magnétique et immacule.

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Note de tête

  • Fruits secs
  • Bergamote
  • Jasmin

Note de cœur

  • Rhum
  • Oliban
  • Vanille

Note de fond

  • Musc Blanc
  • Musc Noir
  • Ambre végétal
  • Cèdre
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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 1 cm

Coffret, Softbox

  • Natalia Alaimo

    belongs to the unisex family
    of fragrances, which means
    that those who love brilliant
    and sophisticated floral
    creations, regardless of
    gender and age, can safely
    use it.
    This new perfume from the
    first spritz took me to the
    mysterious world of
    celestial colors. On me, it
    reveals itself as an
    unsurpassed long-lasting.
    elegant gourmand Parfum
    that has embraced me in its
    sweet, aromatic embrace
    That’s how delightful, as if
    reading my mind, met me
    exquisite NOHO EMANI
    Natural sweetness and
    incredible lightness in the
    opening – fresh bergamot, a
    cup of delicious dried fruit
    sprinkled with snow-white
    sensual jasmine petals
    which opens this flawless
    fragrant sample of spicy
    powdery gourmand
    Charming couple of two notes: vanilla
    and rum revealing in the base note make the composition especially attractive and give the fragrance an intoxicating depth.
    I found myself endlessly enjoying this
    flawlessly soft jasmine in a vanilla-musky-powdery cloud.
    Light buzziness gives a drop of rum, just enough to make your head spin for a second.
    Amber and frankincense brings little spiciness, but cedarwood give this composition in the base more longevity, more grounding.
    Sounds amazing and feels expensive and elegant

    I see that in warm spring.
    and hot summer or rainy
    autumn, this exquisite
    perfume will give me a lightsensual trail, forcing others to turn around after me, think that this is definitely my right choice, this is my favorite Musky scent I tried lately.
    At any time of the day, this
    is a truly enchanting

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